Did you know the San Jose area was once known for growing some of the best hops in the country? There is a rich tradition of growing hops and producing great beer such as Fredericksburg Brewery historical brewery (photo to right). The local breweries that will be attending have won numerous awards from Great American Beer Festival Gold to the California State Fair. Santa Clara’s local beer scene was late to start, but has quickly grown to over a dozen breweries.

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Attending Breweries

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Camino Brewing Company

We have always loved good beer, good food and the spirit of adventure. We heard about the Camino de Santiago: hundreds and hundreds of miles of trails that crisscross through Europe, and finally converge on a small, beautiful city in northern Spain called Santiago de Compostela – the City of Stars. We packed our bikes, and booked a flight.

The Camino is a pilgrimage, always has been. It used to be more for religious types, now millions of people do it for all kinds of reasons: to forget, to remember, for the sake of getting quiet, and simple: to shut down all the noise and voices and static and just be for awhile, without interruption, or pressure, or price. If you decide to go it alone, you won’t be lonely. There are friends to be made all along the way: if you go with friends or family, you will fight and you will laugh and most definitely end up closer than you’ve ever been before.

"Every person that walks this road changes it, adds to it, builds it's lore"

Imagine it. Every day, you get up, lace up your shoes, hoist your pack or paniers, grab a bite and the strongest coffee you can find, and start moving. Set yourself a goal: 15, 20, 50 miles a day. The landscape is vast, stretching out before you. You will walk these big open expanses, where you can spot the storm clouds from miles away. But you will also traverse meadows, large cities, and small cobblestoned villages where nary a soul is seen from siesta till dinnertime. We cycled up and down the Italian alps, through endless and poorly lit tunnels at the edges of major cities, through rain storms, mist and haze. We took wrong turns and right turns, did endless tire repairs, but most often, eventually made it to one hostel or another to bunk up for some rest.

The body hurts, the feet get sore, but slowly you become a kind of warrior. You press on. There is a great camaraderie on the Camino – you will meet people from all walks of life. We drank, ate, and shared stories with strangers who became friends.

When we got back to San Jose, we didn’t want it all to end. We knew we could overcome any obstacle, and made our dream of a brewery come true.


Campbell Brewing Company

At CBC, we do two things, produce seasonal, flavorful, exciting beers, and share our passion for brewing with those around us. We built CBC with a sense of community in mind. We want you to have your favorite barstool; we want you to know the staff; we want you to get excited about what we are brewing down in the heart of Campbell!

Our twenty-barrel brewing system is capable of brewing 6,000 kegs per year and our menu is always growing. We use the finest ingredients to brew both modern and traditional beers that are all brewed with love. We never stop…unless it’s to share a pint with friends. Come stop in, grab a brew, and share our love of beer.


Faultline Brewing Company

Faultline blasted onto the microbrew scene in December of 1994. The goal was to create a fine dining experience that focused on hand crafted beers and food that could be described as contemporary eclectic. The goal was an elegant, yet approachable menu that complimented our wide variety of beer styles. Since then, Faultline has maintained its reputation for beer and food that satisfies the senses. Our venue offers a wide variety of options when it comes to drinking and dining. Our large dining room has plenty of available seating for parties of 20 or more. The view is surprising to say the least, with an outdoor dining patio that overlooks a manmade lake with a very welcoming vibe. Our bar is equipped with over 25 televisions to give bay area sports fans a great place to gather. If you need to host a corporate gathering or dinner, we have a spacious banquet room available for semi-private or private booking. We are a kid and dog friendly restaurant and we have live music on most Friday nights. We offer a nightly Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm and again from 9pm to close. If you frequent our location often we offer a great customer loyalty program with discounts for frequent diners. 


Golden State Brewery

First brewery in Santa Clara since prohibition. Located in the old Memorex building.

Golden State Brewery (GSB) opened in February 2016 and is located in the old Memorex building. Since then, Our taproom was designed to encompass the local community, which is why it is positioned in the center of the brewery. The unobstructed views of the brewery operations allow for everyone to see these beers from beginning to end. We are pet friendly and encourage all patrons to bring their dog as his or her picture will be added to the GSB Dog Wall.

Creating a great beer demands the blend of knowledge and passion. Knowledge is understanding the capability of the ingredients. Passion is derived from never settling for regular or common flavors and charging to exceed expectations. You’ll soon discover the absolute perfection of drinking a craft beer at the source.

Our philosophy is to make great beer, have fun, and care about our community!


Hapa’s Brewing Company

Hapa is the Hawaiian word for “mixed.” A word very applicable to brewing beer. Hot water is mixed with malted barley to create wort. Hops are mixed with wort during the boil to add flavor and aroma. Yeast is mixed with the cooled wort to ferment sugars and make beer. Hawaiians also use the word hapa to describe people of mixed cultural backgrounds. Taken in this context, the word is also very applicable to the founders of Hapa’s Brewing Company.

Brian and Derek started homebrewing in 2007 after moving back to their childhood hometown in the South San Francisco Bay Area. Friends since their Little League days, the two formed the idea for Hapa’s Brewing Company during that first homebrew in Brian’s mom’s kitchen. Over the course of the next eight years the two would join the workforce, move to San Francisco, and meet their future wives, but never stop making award winning homebrew or thinking about Hapa’s Brewing.

In 2012, the two would meet Peter Burrell, owner and head brewer of Dempsey’s Restaurant and Brewery in Petaluma. In Peter, Brian and Derek had found a mentor; someone who could help make their dream a reality. To cut his teeth in the business, Brian took a leap of faith and left his job in Silicon Valley to begin brewing professionally with Peter. Derek worked to set up the dominos that would eventually need to fall to open a craft brewery.

Slowly but surely, the picture that is Hapa’s Brewing Company began to take shape. On August 24, 2015, Brian and Derek signed the lease for the future home of Hapa’s Brewing. After months of navigating permits, licenses, contracts, and construction Hapa’s Brewing Company opened on a rainy Wednesday in January 2017.


Loma Brewing Company

Loma is a brewpub that brings together delicious craft beers and casual comfort food in a lively atmosphere. The menu features high-quality seasonal ingredients that are complimented by a beer program rooted in tradition with a modern sophistication.


South Bay Brewco

SoBA is the newest brewery in the South Bay serving San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos, and more. We’re obsessed with making exceptionally fresh beer for our local folks and beyond. It’s that simple.

We’re a team of quirky folks with very different backgrounds. It’s good though (we think). It makes us stronger, and represents the rich diversity of the Bay Area – our backyard.

We do share a few things in common, though. We all have a slightly crooked sense of humor. We love our community. We have a passion for beer (and not just IPAs) and share a dream of making our brewery your happy place.