Wonderful wine is in your own backyard!

Did you know the first wine made in California was made right here in Santa Clara County? Once a thriving industry, Prohibition and many other factors lead to the decline of the industry. We are thrilled that wineries are flourishing once again and can’t wait to see and celebrate the success of our vintners. Santa Clara County has been known for growing Rhone grape varietals, as the terroir is similar to that in Rhone, France. In Santa Clara County, we are blessed to have access to two AVAs - the Santa Clara Valley AVA and the Santa Cruz Mountain AVA, which are located within the county lines. Hop ’N Vine is proud to celebrate wineries and vineyards from both areas.

Attending Wineries

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Avery Family Vineyards

Our dream of owning a vineyard and starting a winery became a reality in 2005, when we were fortunate to find a magical 8.25-acre vineyard nestled in the beautiful Uvas Valley in the Santa Clara Valley AVA. We opened our scenic outdoor tasting room in 2011 where we enjoy hosting friends old and new, as they discover our Rhône varietal wine.

Our mission is to create wines of distinction you are proud to serve to your family and friends. We would like nothing more than to bring your family and friends into the ever-growing circle that we call The Aver Family.


Black Ridge Vineyards

Black Ridge Vineyards is a small production vineyard created by friends, Jim and Cheryl Landes and Fred Faltersack, in 1999. They inspected the property and researched its history, and quickly decided to bring the land back to its roots (literally) and plant grapes. Then and now, every decision made centers around one question: what will make better wines. This directs where and what we choose to plant, barrel selection, what is bottled, what is sold… Our unrelenting focus on making the best possible wines is what distinguishes Black Ridge Vineyards.

Our team consists of our Partners, Jim Landes and Fred Faltersack, along with Sarah Hart as Director of Sales & Operations, Bill Brosseau as Winemaker and Vineyard Manager, and Armando Martinez Perez as Vineyard Foreman. Our personal philosophies and talents complement one another to create a perfectly diverse team, and allow us to produce a wine that’s just as complex as our individual views and backgrounds.

Black Ridge wines reflect the tremendous enthusiasm and effort by all of our team. We hope you enjoy BRV wines as much as we enjoy getting them into your glass!


Clos LaChance Vineyards

In 1987, co-owners Bill and Brenda Murphy decided to plant a few rows of Chardonnay in their Saratoga backyard, both for landscaping purposes and to realize their dreams of being small-scale vintners. A few years later, the wines produced from this small backyard vineyard were good enough to sell to the public. It was at this point that Clos LaChance formed into a commercial winery. The first released wines were from the 1992 vintage. The next 15 years would take the Murphy’s from 200 cases of wine produced to 80,000; 3/4 of an acre to 150 acres planted and 20 full-time and 25 seasonal employees.

Clos LaChance Winery takes its name from the small fenced-in area encompassing a vineyard (Clos) and from co-owner Brenda Murphy’s maiden name (LaChance). The Murphy’s chose the Hummingbird as the winery’s symbol for both its aesthetic beauty and its ability to keep other birds away from the grapes.

Together with their daughters, Bill and Brenda have created a multi-generational, family-owned and operated winery. It is their dream that the third generation will eventually take over the business.

The winery is located in San Martin, CA, within the Central Coast American Viticultural Area. Tucked into the beautiful Hayes Valley, Clos LaChance is a true wine country experience located only  30 minutes from the Silicon Valley. Click here for more information about visiting Clos LaChance Winery.

Being a good steward of land and resources are key components in Clos LaChance’s winemaking practice. The family is especially vested in the sustainability of the winery and vineyard with the homes of creating a legacy for their children and grandchildren. Clos LaChance Winery and Estate Vineyard is proud to be Certified Sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance.

HNV_Creekview Vineyards.png

Creekview Vineyards

We are a small estate winery nestled in the east foothills of San Martin, California. With a passion for quality, our wines are meticulously handcrafted in small lots to preserve the utmost excellence in both character and style. Production is also limited, allowing us to bring out the full potential in every bottle of wine.

Surrounded by the Santa Clara Valley, we are producing classic varietals such as Syrah, Merlot, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay along with our premium, estate-grown and bottled Melodious and Harmonious wines. Our award-winning vintages paired with our passion for quality illustrates our unsurpassed commitment to excellence.


Fortino Winery

Fortino Winery was first established in 1970 when Ernest and Marie Fortino purchased a vineyard that had been growing since the early 30’s. Ernest was drawn to the vineyard because the surrounding land was highly reminiscent of his hometown, Calabria, Italy.

The original vineyards were all dry-farmed and comprised of Ruby Cabernet, Cabernet, Carignan, and Grenache grapes.

In 1975 Ernest produced an exceptional Ruby Cabernet, which won Double Gold in the Los Angeles County fair and lead to an article about the winery in the New York Times.

In 1995 Ernest passed on the responsibilities of running the winery to his son, Gino, and daughter, Teri. Over the years the vineyards have expanded to about 50 acres—half of which are still dry-farmed to produce flavor-intense grapes. Visitors to the winery these days might be greeted by Gino, or his two sons, Nick and Kevin while on their breaks or weekends away from college. In the Tasting Room, you are likely to see Teri’s son, Austin – our Tasting Room Manager. Nick, Kevin and Austin represent the 4thgeneration of Fortino’sto contribute to the family businessand are an integral part of winery operations.


Guglielmo Winery

A Family Wine Making Tradition in the Santa Clara Valley Since 1925. Guglielmo Winery - a fourth generation, family owned winery produces a wide variety of award-winning varietals from more than 80 acres of Santa Clara Valley estate vineyards, as well as from other premium winegrowing regions within California.

Today, Guglielmo Winery (gool-yell-mo) produces nearly 40,000 cases annually under three different labels, Guglielmo Private Reserve, Tre, and our oldest label, Emile's. Although the winery has grown, we still abide by the family philosophy to produce natural, quality wines to share with family and friends. The family continues to oversee every phase of the winemaking process.

"Wine is a traditional part of our culture and one of life's simple pleasures to be shared with family and friends."


Kirigin Cellars

We are little-known but have been an enduring part of California’s wine country since 1916. We are located fewer than 30 miles south of downtown San Jose.

Kirigin Valley is one of the most delightful morsels of Santa Clara County: 33 acres of rolling vineyards, nine acres of cricket lawns, over 1000 rose bushes and 100 redwood sequoias are surrounded by hills and rangeland. Our old buildings and wine-tasting areas, as well as our new Tuscan-style Club House building, exude old-world charm.

Since its inception, family-owned Kirigin Cellars has maintained its tradition of offering an unpretentious wine-tasting experience, and old-fashioned hospitality. We handcraft small batches of exquisite wines from grapes grown in our vineyards. We cultivate 11 different wine grapes—Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Malvasia Bianca, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Malbec, Tempranillo and Zinfandel—which we crush within hours of picking during each harvest.


La Vie Dansante Wines

It’s been said that a “good” life is one that is spent dancing and La Vie Dansante strictly translated means “The Dancing Life”.
But it’s not just about dancing, it’s about a lifestyle.
In the past I’ve chased what I thought passed for wealth and success only to find that after I had them in my hands I was actually holding nothing. To me La Vie Dansante articulates my dream of the perfect life. A life spent surrounded by friends enjoying food, wine, music and camaraderie. Things with real value.
Astute friends will make the connection between my longtime love of the music of Jimmy Buffett and a song that he wrote back in 1984 called “La Vie Dansante”. Yes, to borrow from winemaking, his words in that song provided the yeast that drove the fermentation of what became my philosophy for life – for which I’ll be eternally grateful – but there’s been several decades of work done on the concept since then and I like to think La Vie Dansante in its current form has become a personal thing unique to myself – and the many friends who surround me.


Lion Ranch Vineyards & Winery

While living in San Francisco, our first big adventure together, we decided we wanted to dive head first into the wine industry. Moving to San Martin in 2009 with this goal in mind, we found a property that could be our home as well as our vineyard. Land work began immediately, clearing, leveling, understanding water flow, controlling weeds. Purchasing a tractor really drove home the fact that we were out of the city and on to our next adventure. Kim switched careers and began working for a local tasting room, apprenticing in the vineyard and winery at every opportunity. While Kim gained the “hands on” experience from grapevines to sales, Todd began flooding his brain with grape growing and winemaking information, reading textbooks, articles, and blogs. Finding ourselves in a welcoming community of farmers and winemakers, we participated in study groups based on winemaking education courses. Hearing experiences from our local experts, we quickly learned much about the industry and process.

Traveling to France in 2009 and touring from the Cote d’ Azure to Provence to the Rhone to Lyon, we fell completely, head over heels, in love with the Viognier grape, visiting Condrieu and appreciating all that it could offer. For nearly two weeks we had a daily ‘happy hour,’ tasting some of the best Viognier in the world, complemented by fresh bread and french cheese. Coming back stateside we began the painstaking work of tasting every domestically-made Viognier and many other white Rhone varietals. An amazing dinner in the Mission district of San Francisco with friends included our first taste of single varietal Grenache Blanc–and again, love at first taste.

Our original estate vineyard was planted in 2011. We tended every single plant of our 5 acre property with our own hands, with occasional help from willing family and friends. All 4000+ plants were handled repeatedly as they were trained, pruned, trained, pruned, over and over. A true “labor of love,” raising grapes takes a lot of determination, commitment, patience, and backbreaking labor. Even in our glorious, Mediterranean climate, it was hot, dusty, dirty work…with beautiful, delicious rewards.

We acquired another property in 2013 allowing us the space to create the wines we have to share with you. Just one-third mile south of the original vineyard site, the growing conditions are prime, with the land having been fallow for a number of years. Preparations have already begun for planting another 4000+ vines of Rhone varietals; this time they’ll be red. Similar in soil and climate, the terroir at the new property is equally suitable for grapevines, as it, too, was once part of the large land tract previously known as Lion Ranch. We have been very diligent in creating an atmosphere in the vineyard which is sustainable for both our grapes and our family, including our dogs—we insist upon the highest quality grapes, but refuse to compromise by introducing harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Onsite tasting began in summer of 2015. Our newest vineyard of red Rhone varietals was planted in spring of 2016.


Medeiros Family Wines

Santa Clara Valley has a very long history of grape growing and winemaking that dates to the days of the Spanish Missions. Santa Clara Wine Country has many things going for it, including a favorable climate, good soil and proximity to the population centers of the Bay Area. Most of Santa Clara Valley Wine Country has long since lost its agricultural heritage, and has undergone commercial and residential development. A handful of Santa Clara Valley Wineries and vineyards are continuing this proud winemaking heritage.

The Southern end of the Santa Clara Valley is dotted with small independently owned family vineyards. Many of these vineyards are farmed and managed by the Medeiros Family. From the Coyote Valley on down through Morgan Hill, San Martin, and Gilroy, The Medeiros Family farms these vineyards to produce quality fruit for their premium wine portfolio. The varietals currently under our wing include: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah, and old vine Zinfandel.

2005 through 2012 was spent successfully building the wine portfolio and reputation of a successful local winery. Tammie and I broke away in July of 2012 to forge our own path in the wine industry, creating our own label, Medeiros Family Wines, and adopting the compass logo as a symbol to guide us on that journey. Quality vineyards, Quality wines, Quality service, integrity, not just our passion, it’s what we do.

Medeiros Family Wines utilize sustainable vineyard practices to help preserve our agriculture heritage. Both traditional and modern wine making techniques are employed in vineyard and canopy management, fermentations, and cellaring to offer wines of varietal quality and character.

Medeiros Family Wines, locally farmed, produced, and distributed here in the Santa Clara Valley.


Miramar Vineyard

Our small, family-owned Miramar Vineyards and Winery are nestled on ten pastoral acres in the eastern foothills of San Martin, California, about 30 miles south of San Jose.

We handcraft very limited bottlings of wine by sourcing grapes predominantly from our estate and the Santa Clara Valley appellation, using traditional, small-lot techniques.

Balancing a fun, casual atmosphere with serious winemaking, Miramar Vineyards makes a delightful, weekend outing from Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. We assure you that serious winemaking does not need to equal an intimidating experience. We welcome you for relaxed, delicious wine tastings and events on select Saturday and Sunday afternoons throughout the year.


Naumann Vineyards

Naumann Vineyards is a small family estate located in the Santa Cruz Mountains with panoramic views overlooking Silicon Valley in the unincorporated part of Cupertino, California. Our wines come from grapes grown exclusively in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They are hand harvested and crafted in small batches in order to produce the highest quality wine.

Our winery was founded in 1997 by winemaker and owner Don Naumann who purchased the property in 1987 and planted the vineyard in 1994. This prime location enjoys warm days and cool mountain nights. It is our mission is to produce the finest varieties of high quality wines.

Naumann Vineyards is open 8 days out of the year; Passport Days, Wine Club Days and our Annual Release Party held each August. Appointments can be made for special visits and events.


Roudon-Smith Winery

The Roudon-Smith Winery is dedicated to the production of exceptional wines from selected vineyards of the Santa Cruz Mountains and other regions of California. Traditional wine-making methods result in elegant, long-lived wines, which are the perfect complement to any meal. At Roudon-Smith Winery, we specialize in the making of fine wines as well as the enjoyment of taking on new challenges. Every year, we search for the most remarkable fruit available. Then with a minimal intervention approach to wine-making, we aim to preserve this quality as the grapes evolve to wine. Though small, we are growing our production as we find additional exceptional grape sources that we can turn into high quality wines.

The hyphenated name originates from Bob Roudon and Jim Smith, two engineers who made an exciting career change back in 1972. In January 2011 the Al and Diane Drewke became sole owners of Roudon-Smith. Today we along with our consulting winemaker, Mikael Wargin, continue our quest for excellence in winemaking.


Sarah’s Vineyard

Marilyn “Sarah” Otterman purchased 10 acres in south Santa Clara County's Hecker Pass area in 1977. She began the vineyard with an initial planting of seven acres of Chardonnay. The winery itself was founded 1978. 

Marilyn was a creative, free spirit, with a love for the land (she had an actual teepee on the property) and an innate sense of style. Both her and the early wines’ character caught the public and media’s fancy – the ornate Sarah’s Vineyard label quickly developed a loyal following and a reputation for top-flight Chardonnays.

The small, rustic tasting room soon became a “must stop” for early Central Coast wine excursions. Today, Sarah’s legacy can still be seen in the attention to detail and warm hospitality on display daily around the winery.


Solis Winery

At Solis Winery, it’s all about the wine—and it has been for more than 100 years.

All Solis Winery wines are grown and produced at the Vanni Estate Vineyard in Gilroy in the heart of the Santa Clara Valley, California’s oldest continuous wine growing region. From planting the vines and harvesting the grapes to producing and bottling the wines, everything is done on-site. Nothing ever leaves the property—until bottles go home with happy customers!

The original winery was founded in 1917 by Italian immigrant Angelo Bertero on rich, fertile land that was once part of the Rancho de Solis Mexican land grant. David and Valerie Vanni purchased the winery in 1989 and renamed it Solis Winery. The Vannis had a passion for creating extraordinary wine in a friendly, down-to-earth, trustworthy environment, and they passed that passion on to their sons, Michael and Vic, who took over the family business in 2007.

Quality always comes first at Solis Winery. With his extensive knowledge and an unparalleled attention to detail, winemaker Michael Vanni has produced some of the region’s most outstanding wines and unique varietals. But despite the premium caliber of the wines, you’ll find no wine snobs here. Vic Vanni oversees the tasting room and trains his staff to provide a warm and welcoming experience for all visitors.

There is simply no better place to sit back and relax than on the Solis Winery back porch, sipping a glass of wine and enjoying the scenic views of vineyards nestled against the vibrant green Gabilan mountain range. Once you’ve had a taste, we know you’ll be back for more!


Tank House Winery

Our winery is located at 12830 Harding Ave, San Martin, Ca where we both produce and bottle all of our wine.  Tank House was founded on the standard of producing the absolute highest quality wine.  We achieve this goal through our extreme attention to detail in the production process.  As a result, every one of our bottles is handled with care, and passed on to our customers at a very affordable price.

Tank House was established in 2007.  Our wine journey begins every year with our selection of only the highest quality grapes for the crush.  We seek out the top vineyard managers, who care for the grapes with the same watchful eye that Al and Joe carry forward into wine production.  Our grapes are grown in one of the most well respected areas of Lodi, California known as the Borden Ranch American Viticulture Area.  The watchful hands in the vineyard, coupled with our expertise in the winery, produce the wonderful aromas and flavors that you will enjoy each time you open a bottle of Tank House wine.  To place an order please visit our online store.